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adidas vs. Nike: 3 Moments in History That Changed the Sneaker Game

adidas and nike logos

Nike and adidas have been in fierce competition for nearly 60 years. Since 1964, when the Swoosh first entered the sneaker scene, there has been a great divide between sneakerheads as to whether your heart lies with Nike or adidas. And, the Three Stripes could’ve been in a very different place right now, if it weren’t for three pivotal moments in the brand’s history; each one of course, with Nike right at the centre.

In 1977, adidas were pitched the Air unit, but turned it down, and in swooped Nike. In 1984, upcoming superstar Michael Jordan was about to begin his rookie NBA season, and therefore was open to signing a sneaker contract. adidas had the greatest chance of any brand to sign the future Hall Of Famer as he was already a big fan of the German sneaker giant. With that said, they neglected to put in an offer, so in came Nike. And finally, when Kobe Bryant was drafted to the NBA straight from High School, adidas took a leap of faith and signed him up. They were partners for the first six years of his 20-year career, but before his contracted ended, he switched to the Swoosh.

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