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A Brief History of the Most Iconic Sneaker Brand Logos

Michael Jordan with Nike sneakers
Image via Nike

Brand-wise, there is almost nothing more important than a logo. It not only signifies a brand; it represents their philosophy. It's there to get a message across, to be instantly recognisable and evoke emotion; and ultimately gain brand loyalty.

Some sneaker brands have changed names and logos completely, some have modernised their logos over time from the initial conceptual design, and some have stayed true to the original, maintaining brand identity from the get-go. No matter the market, most brands have high hopes of becoming household names, but relatively few ever reach the status where their logos are considered iconic.

A lot of thought and time (and money and marketing) goes into the logos we know and love today, and it’s been exciting seeing them change and adapt over the years. Not only do I think we should look forward to the continued push for current brand notoriety, we should take a moment to revisit the brands we have and wear now, and see what emotions they draw from each of us. It may help us understand why we choose the brands we do, and why these brands are where they are today.

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