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Why And1 Failed

Basketball in the 90s was peaking; the popularity of the NBA was growing worldwide at a

rapid rate under the watchful eye of Commissioner David Stern – and streetball was right

there by its side.

From Rucker Park in Harlem, New York City, we’d see streetball in its finest and most raw

form. Dreams were made and basketball legends created, all competing for the glory of

Rucker fame. Then, as And1 entered the scene in 1993, we’d watch as players went from the

Park to the Garden, and see stars found and stars lost - millions made, and millions unpaid.

And1 would take the world by storm… but eventually leave us wanting more.

So, why did And1 fail?

Watch on YouTube @NachoAverageFinds

Presented by David Mederos

Script by Kieran Coyle


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