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America’s fascination with fame, consumerism and Air Jordans - One Man and His Shoes

Air Jordan sneaker
Image via The Guardian, One Man and His Shoes

One Man and His Shoes tells the story of America’s fascination with fame, consumerism, and of course, Air Jordans. It brings to light the ultimate cost of consumerism versus supply and demand.

It begins with Michael Jordan, who first appeared on the Chicago Bulls’ radar while playing for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, where he would go on to win the 1982 NCAA Championship. Just two years later, the Bulls would use their number three pick to sign the six-foot-six shooting guard.

He would then go on to achieve a level of greatness that would cement his status as one of the best professional athletes of all time. He kicked off his NBA career with Rookie of the Year, and started as he meant to continue; racking up six championships, five regular season MVPs and six Finals MVPs amongst a myriad of other awards and achievements.

However, it was in 1984-85 season that he would not only unleash his dominance on the NBA, but also the sneaker market, with the release of his first signature shoe: the Air Jordan 1… and Nike would go on to make $126 million in the first year; $125 million more than initially projected. They would go on to release another 34 models of the Air Jordan and become a multi-billion dollar company with the largest market share in the global footwear market.

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