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When A Move To Another Country Renews Your Love Of Sneakers

Image of Nikestore in London
Nikestore, London

Moving from Melbourne to London in 2007, I had no idea my love for sneakers would be renewed. I had grown up as the youngest of 9 children, all basketball players. Even my dad was playing into his late 40s. Therefore, I had some great hand-me-downs, thanks to my older brothers and sisters. I turned up to my high school games rocking Dee Brown's Reebok Pump Omni Lites, Jordan V Black/Metallics, Jordan Olympic VIIs, and the Converse Run n Slams KJ wore for the Phoenix Suns in the 90s. Throw my Jordan IIs, and Jordan XIIIs into the mix… and I was in heaven.

Then, I moved to the UK. Not a basketball sneaker in sight.

Sure in Melbourne you’d see your fair share of casual sneakers too, but they were mainly Chuck Taylors. The odd Adidas shell-toe here and there too of course… but not too much variety. Although if you were after basketball sneakers, you could head to any sneaker store you liked, and take your pick.

Meanwhile in London, although Nike Town London had opened in 1999… they were stocking mostly track shoes. The closest we’d get to basketball shoes was some Air Force 1s. The good thing is… I was all in; venturing into London sneaker stores like ‘Size?’, I had a revitalized love for sneakers. My first purchases here being some Adidas EQTs, Puma R698s and Saucony Grid 9000s to name a few.

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